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Houston Temporary Orders Lawyer

A divorce is not an open and shut case. Even if you and your spouse are working on negotiating an amicable settlement, the process can still take time. In an effort to maintain the status quo until the divorce is finalized, temporary orders may be put in place.In Houston, there are few attorneys who understand the issues better when it comes to negotiating temporary orders than lawyer Dan Kirby. With more than 25 years of family law experience, Dan Kirby can help you reach an agreement that protects your rights and interests.

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What Can These Orders Do?

Temporary orders are entered when a couple wants a divorce and the judge needs to decide what should be done and what the parties are going to do while the case is pending. They are a way for Texas courts to assure that financial, medical and housing issues are addressed leading up to and during a divorce. They can:

  • Separate finances, assets and debts
  • Prevent/prohibit taking on debts/expenses
  • Ensure access to children for parents
  • Instruct on payments such as temporary spousal maintenance or child support
  • Protect against abusive behavior

At a divorce temporary order hearing, orders are entered and dictate the terms and conditions the parties must abide by while their divorce case is pending. Any violation may result in a finding of contempt. A party can be jailed and fined for violating the court’s orders. They can be tailored to a family’s unique needs, goals and circumstances.

The Experience, Skills And Resources To Help You

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