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Houston Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

No one ever expects to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. It happens when you least expect it. All it takes is one negligent act of one driver and other people can suddenly be seriously injured or even killed. A life can be changed forever. Insurance company adjusters representing those negligent drivers are well trained in talking an injured party into a quick settlement far below fair compensation. Do not let this happen to you! If you are involved in an accident, call the Law Office of Dan Kirby so that you can make an informed decision about your case. Every case is different and not all injuries are the same. Many people injured in a motor vehicle crash later learn their injuries are much more serious than originally thought. Some injuries require weeks or months of physical therapy to recover. Some require major surgery.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, call 911 immediately. Use the camera in your cell phone and take as many photos as you can that show everything at the scene. Get photos of witnesses and get their names, addresses and phone numbers. Remember this will be your one and only chance to gather this evidence. A short time later witnesses will be gone and vehicles will be removed. Call the Law Office of Dan Kirby and you will receive additional instructions. You will notify your insurance company about the crash. You will most likely receive a phone call from the negligent party’s insurance company. If so, do not engage in any conversation with this person. Give them the phone number to the Law Office of Dan Kirby and hang up. Together, we will get you the compensation you deserve.