Child Support

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Texas law requires the courts to order child support in an amount that is in accordance with certain guidelines as set forth in the Texas Family Code. This permits children to be cared for in a way similar to the lifestyle they were accustomed to prior to the separation of the parents.

One way the law works to ensure that children can live as close to the same life as before a divorce is through child support payments.

For parents, it is also important that they receive or pay a fair amount in child support so they are not financially burdened.

At the Law Office of Dan Kirby in Houston, we can walk you through the child support determination process here in Texas. An experienced lawyer like Dan Kirby can let you know what to expect to owe or receive.

If there are reasons to deviate from the state formula, we can gather the proper evidence to help strengthen your claim.

Providing Informed

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Ensuring a financially healthy home for children in the wake of a divorce or a suit affecting the parent-child relationship is an extremely important consideration. To those ends, child support is structured in the interests of families to preserve financial health. Child support is determined based on a calculation in Texas. The factors listed need attention.

  • The gross and net income of both parents
  • Business income and deductions of the parents
  • Day care costs paid by either parent
  • The number of children to be supported
  • Health and dental insurance will be handled as additional child support.

If you are working through any child support issue, it is important to partner with an attorney who combines experience with a hands-on approach to your family’s unique goals and needs. For years, this is precisely what our team has strived to do.

We at the Law Office of Dan Kirby are ready to provide you with caring and compassionate legal assistance to any child support issue. Dan Kirby has more than two decades of experience working on family law cases. Along with our support staff, he will work directly with you to understand your issues.

An Understanding That Circumstances Change

Of course, your child’s needs at age 4 will be different than age 16. We are familiar with modifying divorce orders when necessary to better serve everyone’s interests. Many times these can be negotiated outside of court. If you are receiving too little child support or paying too much and your ex-spouse is contesting your request, we can take your case before a judge.

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The Law Office of Dan Kirby has more than three decades of experience working on family law matters. Dan Kirby will work directly with you so that you understand child support issues. Dan Kirby and our staff will do everything possible to work toward an outcome that preserves you and your loved ones’ financial and emotional well-being in the immediate and long-term future. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

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