An Inexpensive Solution

Mediation is a way for you to work through legal issues and possibly settle your case for much less money than you are about to spend on a trial. You can resolve your disputes without even leaving your home. How? An online Zoom mediation. The parties and attorneys are placed in private rooms located in the Zoom platform. Whether you are a “pro se” party or have an attorney, you can resolve your legal issues online with a trained mediator. Using Zoom, mediator Dan Kirby carries information, ideas, offers and counter offers back and forth between the parties who are located in private Zoom rooms in hopes that a settlement will be reached in the same way that an in-person mediation is carried out. Now, you can easily settle your case. Most all courts require parties to mediate prior to a hearing on temporary orders and again before trial. You might as well schedule a mediation with Dan Kirby now. Why wait?

Mediation is nothing like being in court

With mediation, you can maintain control over your case. You can share your evidence with the mediator and request that whatever is communicated remain confidential. Alternatively, you can authorize the mediator to disclose certain evidence to the other side in effort to sway that party toward your position. You can essentially eliminate the risk of spending a small fortune in fees and costs and possibly losing your case in court. The parties dictate the outcome rather than a judge or jury. Your emotions essentially remain in check.

A Zoom video mediation is easy and safe. It is simple to share and review documents as the process works while you remain comfortable in your attorney’s office or even in your own home. Depending on the number of issues involved, the parties can choose a half or a whole day mediation. Once your issues are resolved, a mediation agreement (referred to as an MSA) is created and electronically signed by everyone and then exchanged via Adobe signature software. It is then electronically filed with the court.

One of the parties or their attorney prepares a final order for the court to sign. A party may possibly have to appear before the judge and explain the agreement before the judge will approve and sign the order. However, in light of the COVID-19 situation, most judges are accepting a simple affidavit from a party that basically explains what was agreed and why. The judge can then sign the order and enter it into the official court files without the parties having to be present. You may never have to attend court with a successful mediation.


Dan Kirby is a certified mediator in both civil and family law cases

He has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 1992 with 32 years of experience in family law and personal injury matters. Most cases get resolved through mediation. Rest assured, Dan Kirby knows the law and understands the issues you face and will do everything possible to help get your case settled. Zoom mediation start at just $300 per party. Fees are paid online with a credit or debit card before the mediation process begins. Call Dan Kirby to discuss your mediation and get it scheduled now.

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